Internships at Infoware Studios

Are you a self-starter, who is eager to learn the ropes in a dynamic environment while adding immense value? Intern opportunities exist at Infoware Studios for short contracts with the possibility of long term employment.

Our interships at Infoware Studios begins with a 3 month initial probation option, followed by a 12 month contract with an option of permanent employment.

We are looking for interns in the following areas:

  • Project Management: Learn about project management in the agile space
  • Software Developers: Learn the ropes of what it takes to be a developer in C++, Java and Ruby
  • Web Design and Marketing: Get hands-on experience in the exciting world of digital marketing.

Why should you want to intern with us?

  • We follow a specific methodology in the agile space.
  • Be on-site to benefit from a supportive environment
  • Work for a few months and if we like you, have the opportunity for a permanent position
  • You will be integrated into our environment.
  • Start working on projects immediately and feel like you are achieving something.
  • We’re an agile company, no red tape or stuffy corporates!
  • We work in cross-functional teams. Get to learn a lot of different roles, we don’t put people in boxes!
  • Join a dynamic team, we’re an open-minded bunch who are spirited with no beating around the bush.

With our Internships at Infoware Studios, you get to learn in a give and take environment that is both challenging and stimulating. If you are eager to learn, join a team and add value, please send us your CV to

If you think you’re OK, and don’t need to grow, then you’re not the person we are looking for! No self-centred people please!