Please no recruitment agencies

“Passionate about software development, super-high work ethic, ambitious lead technical coach who has that extra quirk and is not afraid to swim with the big boys…Sound like you? Then read on awesome person!”

< Overview />

We’re an exuberant & quirky agile technology solutions biz based in JHB. We think agile is super cool – we live and breathe it, and would eat it too if we could! We’re a fascinating, brilliant and fun-loving bunch who regularly breaks away from the norm in order to keep things interesting. Not only do we think agile is cool, we might possibly think you’re cool too!

Operating on the self-managed team philosophy, our Infowarians (otherwise known as employees) are go getters who take the lead and run with it. We get personal – with our clients as well as our employees. So if you’re highly motivated, good at what you do, passionate about software development, have oodles of leadership potential, are self-managed, with a touch of quirk and are ready to jump right in; we’re looking for you!

< What will you be doing? />

As a senior software developer, you be doing the following:

  • Sometimes writing awesome code on greenfields project.
  • Maintaining existing applications for clients.
  • Show clients the impossible is possible because you are an Infowarian by upgrading their legacy systems to modern day technologies.
  • Test first approach to development, writing tests using feature driven approaches.
  • Looking after application infrastructure on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Cloud.
  • Coaching other developers to become amazing like you by applying best practice design, technical practices and test automation practices.
  • Be a mentor to the team
  • Doing Jira configuration and business process automations.
  • Support our clients’ Jira servers.
  • Write user stories for specifications.
  • Provide awesome agile technical coaching

<Your Background />

  • A minimum of 7 years relevant working experience
  • Diverse range of technology skills
  • Exposure to different languages, such as Java, Java Script, C #, HTML, CSS, Ruby, C++, Deplhi etc
  • Experience in production support and ensuring BAU (Business as Usual)
  • Experience in Test Automation & unit testing

<About You! />

We’re looking for someone out-of-the-ordinary, who walks to the beat of their own drum, who is ambitious and willing to try new things. How many of these boxes do you tick?

  • Quirky
  • Creative
  • Exuberant
  • Brilliant
  • Intelligent
  • Have a flair for people
  • The opposite of egocentric
  • A born leader
  • Self-managed
  • Professional
  • Extremely high work-ethic (non-negotiable!)
  • Service orientated
  • Quality of work is important to you

<The deets />

 <Remuneration> 45 000 bucks (for your senior software developer awesomeness)
<Province> Gauteng
<Education> 6As in Matric, PhD in IT – just kidding! Relevant degree or qualification
<Job level> Senior
<Own Transport> Yes please
<Type> Permanent