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Agile: A Journey

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Every journey has a start and an end destination. In life we tend to focus so hard on the end destination that we forget about the journey itself.

Agile is a lifestyle

With agile people tend to think it’s a quick fix or the silver bullet instead of a journey.  Or we start the journey and then decide it takes too long or it simply isn’t working and then start all over on a different journey.  But we forget that any journey takes time and effort. And with everything new that must be learned, minds that must be changed and attitudes to adjust we forget to enjoy the journey we are taking.  Not just the journey that an organization is taking but also the journey that you as an individual are taking. 

Once you start on the agile journey you will learn that it is never ending and that it isn’t something you can simply leave at the office. Agile becomes part of your life and the more you invest in getting to know about agile the more you want to learn about it. 


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  1. Thinus naude  March 27, 2013

    How does Agile becomes a life style. Is it something you can put into practice in your every day life? How will an Estate Agency for instance benefit from the Agile program?

    • mispahc  March 27, 2013

      Agile teaches us to prioritize and do only what’s inside your capabilities first. So instead of being the crazy mom trying to do 10 things at once and not finishing anything. Prioritize which 3 issues needs your attention first. Start with it and end it and then refocus on what’s next. In agile we have the scrum approach that we commonly use. Inside of an Estate agency your main focus is to sell or rent properties. So lets say you have a list of 20 properties per agent that must be sold. It is impossible for a agent to sell 20 properties in one month. So with the scrum approach decide what’s the 1 property that’s most likely to be sold in the next 2 weeks. The agent will then for the next 2 weeks only focus on selling that house. Over a few Sprints you will see what’s your team of agents velocity and how many properties can be sold over 2 weeks and later on over a month. This will help you predict and chase your yearly goal. ~ Regards, Chantel Naude