Agile Courses – Long term vs Short term

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Agile isn’t something that can be learned in-depth in a couple of days. Certain agile basic concepts can be learned in 2 and 3 day agile courses, but what happens when you get back at the office and you receive scenarios that weren’t quite covered during the course?

Introducing a new era in Agile education

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At Infoware Studios, we have identified agile as something you need to study and practice as you would with any other career choice. We have started the beginners, intermediate and advanced agile courses because of the need to have longer courses in which we cover the basics in-depth, plus a lot extra.  We encourage our students through the agile course structure to take what they have learned and practice it in their own environment to experience the multiple scenarios while training that is not possible to cover during 2 and 3 day courses.  What better way to learn than to consult with some of the top experts in the Agile industry today?

Further, in today’s high paced lifestyle, it seems that books you have been planning to read just gather dust on our bedside tables. These agile courses give you the motivation you need to read some of the bestsellers in agile and to learn from them in a practical manner with an Infoware agile consultant’s guidance. We have grouped the study material in such a way to make an impact where it is needed on your agile journey. We also combined some of the softer agile skills in the material to look at everyday challenges like communicating effectively, that is not covered in the normal agile framework and methodology material.

The agile courses outline has been put together based on our years of experience and we believe that this is what the agile industry needs in order to make agile work in corporates.

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