The Velocity Agile offices to rent is aimed at bigger teams who like things to be done differently. As part of the monthly rental, we provide a host of cool extras to cater for your team of 7 or 8. In addition, you don’t need to worry about office overheads as we take care of it all for you! There is even a cool stocked bar, how awesome is that?!

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The Velocity Agile Office to rent

As part of our offices to rent, up to a maximum of 8 people can comfortably fit in this awesome office space with so many extras. And because we are so passionate about entrepreneurs and helping businesses grow, we’ve added a free hour per week mentorship advice on finance, IT, marketing or digital strategy from one of our gurus. All these benefits are part of our offices to rent:

  • 7-8 desks
  • 7-8 ergonomic chairs
  • 7-8 parking bays
  • Wifi
  • Stocked kitchen facilities
  • Access to entertainment area with bar
  • Access to boardroom facility
  • Shared reception area
  • Free mentorship for 1 hour per week

So what does it cost?

The Velocity Agile Offices to rent for 7 people (MIN): R18 900 pm
The Velocity Agile Offices to rent for 8 people (MAX): R20 000 pm

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