Agile project management tools

There are many agile project management tools out there. To name a few that we have tried and tested: Pivotal Tracker, VersionOne, Scrumy and Jira.

We have settled on Jira as the best agile project management tool on the market at the moment, but our reasons for selecting our best of breed agile project management tools is not only focused on agile project management, as there is more to an agile organisation than agile projects.

Comparison of Agile Project management tools

So here is a comparison of the main characteristics of these agile tools:

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Jira: Agile project management tool of choice

Since at Infoware Studios we focus on not only agile project management, but on shifting your organisation to become agile end-to-end, Jira is our tool of choice. Jira assists to manage an agile organisation end-to-end including aspects like production support, costing, governance and people planning straight through to tracking and managing projects. Thus although tools like VersionOne come close to Jira in the agile project management tool space, our tool of choice after using all of the above tools on our projects are Jira.


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