The process of interpreting client requirements and transforming those client requirements into software solutions or technology solutions is a complex and challenging task.

Here at Infoware Studios we are passionate about assisting and helping your organisation in overcoming the challenges you are currently experiencing in deliverying software solutions or technology solutions to your clients.

Our team has a vast set of skills covering areas of IT strategy, IT management, agile process implementation, development, user requirement analysis and documentation, service delivery and management and test automation. We thus feel that we have a unique combination of people and skills to assist you in transitioning your organisation to an agile organisation.

We always apply an agile approach to solving these problems.

As-is Analysis

As-is analysis of the organisational structure, team structure, team roles and people is where we typically start. As each organization and its people are different, a blanket approach of implementing agile Scrum is not feasible.

The need to improve technology delivery needs to be present with the top management of the company. We only implement agile Scrum training in companies in which the top management is involved throughout the process. During the implementation of agile Scrum there is change that is needed in the way that your current organisation is functioning in order to improve agile technology delivery within your organisation. Often during this process we will change team roles and structures, business processes after we have conducted an as-is analysis and have given you the feedback on how the team and processes within your organisation should be structured to succeed with an agile Scrum implementation.


During the as-is analysis we will review the following:

    • How production support is handled within your organisation as this impacts on the delivery of software within your organisation. We will suggest changes within your support area in order to ensure successful implementation of agile Scrum.
    • How business requirements are communicated to your development team. We will alsosuggest changes here in order to support the agile Scrum implementation.

Typical agile Scrum implementation covering 1 development team:

    • 2-3 days of as-is analysis and team interviews. This depends on the size of the team and organisationand might be more.
    • Implementation of agile project management tool: 2 weeks. This includes installation or activation of the tool, configuration of the tool and customisation of a workflow process that suites the company’s needs.
    • 2 weeks of business requirement documentation in preparation of the first sprint kick-off. This willinclude coaching of the person responsible for formulating business requirements for thedevelopment team.
    • 1 week of documenting the current support process, re-engineering the support process, presenting the support process and concluding the new support process that will assist the Scrum implementation.
    • Choosing a starting date on which the first Scrum sprint will kick-off.
    • Involvement of an Infoware Studios Scrum expert for 10 weeks during all agile Scrum rituals. 2 days per week. Each morning during the daily stand-up.

Pulse check attendance thereafter of:

    • selected Scrum rituals;
    • support process and handling;
    • business requirement documentation.

This will include 1 day every 2 weeks for attending identified agile Scrum rituals and to spend time with the team to improve the process continuously. This will be for another 10 weeks.