Agile user requirements in-depth – 1 or 2 day course

For those who have been reading on agile or scrum, you would have heard about the word ‘user stories’. Well, user stories are the way we document agile requirements. So instead of writing thick word documents that change half-way through the first 2 weeks and is never updated to reflect the new changes, we let the whole team contribute to living requirements documents, namely user stories.

Some reading on agile and understanding Scrum will be very beneficial for this course.

1 day course:

In this 1 day course you will cover the following important aspects:

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  • How and where do user requirements fit into agile projects
  • Role of BA’s, testers and developers in writing user stories
  • How to write users stories and scenarios

2 day course: 1 day course + additional day

Day 2 is aimed at giving you the right tools to effectively support agile projects:

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  • Useful agile artifacts
  • How to manage user requirements across many teams and to reuse and share requirements effectively
  • Prioritisation of user stories

Audience: business analysts, testers, developers.

Cost: 1 day course = R3000, 2 day course = R5500, excl VAT

Register for the training courses

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