A new era in agile training

Why are we doing this?

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Adopting an agile approach and maturing with an agile way of doing things is something that happens over time. We don’t think a 2 or 3 day agile training certification course equips you to take on the key role of transforming an organisation. It takes a lot more to help your organisation on an agile journey. In our work, we find that failed agile adoption programs often are a result of inexperienced agile coaches through inadequate agile training.  Being an agile coach takes knowledge and experience.  When you find yourself in such a role, your organisation and team is looking at you for guidance.  If you have little prior agile experience, this is a daunting task.

What is it about?

Through our agile training, we want you to learn and gain experience at the same time.  We want you to be better prepared to support and make a success of your agile adoption initiative. But this agile course is long – it demands a commitment of 25 months.  In return, we commit to growing you as an agile coach and help you step from beginner to expert through our agile training.  This is not purely focused on a basic and theoretical understanding of agility. Over the 25 month period, you will gain practical experience in your new agile role in your organisation. We are geared towards helping you reach a deep understanding of what it means to be an organisational transformation expert and agile coach.

There is a lot to learn and experience, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. We have designed this agile training and qualification so that you mature into your new agile role from beginner to expert. You will receive the right information at the right time, applying it as you gain practical experience. Yes, this agile training is intensive and challenging, but you are not alone. You will be supported by our experienced agile coaching team and the knowledge and information of international experts embodied in our prescribed material.

How does this agile training work?

3 agile course programmes have been developed focusing on a natural progression of knowledge and maturity from the Beginners to the Advanced programme. You cannot attend the 2nd or 3rd course unless you have completed the prior programme. Each programme is divided into modules. This is made available after signup and once the school fees have been paid. So to get going you have to enroll for the Beginners agile course programme starting soon. Do not miss out.

Register by emailing info@infowarestudios.co.za.

Who should attend? 

Any manager of an area/division/company that is considering the adoption of agile should attend these agile courses. It is good to understand the agile methodologies in-depth. This will allow you to evaluate how this will impact your organisation. So if this is you, you might want to attend at least just the beginners agile course. The Intermediate and Advanced agile courses are focused more on effective communication and coaching which is more relevant for people closer to the cold-face.

Any role within a software team should consider attending the Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced agile courses: testers, business analysts, developers.

Role progression

Agile training role progression

Beginners (7 months)

In the Beginner’s Agile Course, we focus on getting the basics under the belt focusing on the 2 most adopted agile frameworks, Scrum & Kanban / Lean.

For more details go to Beginners course

Intermediate (6 months)

In order to register for the Intermediate agile course, you would need to complete the Beginners course first.

We focus here on conversations at all levels: describing a requirement is a conversation, solving conflict is a conversation, facilitating change is a conversation. You will be able to communicate effectively as an agile coach/expert after this agile course.

So this is structured to enable you to effectively communicate within an organisation. You will receive input and feedback here from our team of experts that have gone on their own personal journey of discovery and mentorship by others in order to do this effectively.

For more details go to Intermediate course

Advanced (12 months)

In order to register for the Advanced agile course, you would need to complete the Beginners and Intermediate courses first.

Here we you focus on making you an effective agile coach to assist your organization to scale agile and to become a true agile organisation. You also want to build a lasting agile transformation. This will show you the ropes.

For more details go to Advanced course

What do you get at the end of this agile training?

Being prepared with relevant agile training

Attending this programme will take you on a journey of personal growth as an agile coach and transformation expert. It will prepare you to make a real difference within organisations. You will be prepared to incorporate agile principles within the realities of today’s wider organisations.

Certificate of Completion

Get a certificate for each agile course completed stating that you have fulfilled our practical examination requirements and passed all our assignment and examinations and that you are equipped to offer assistance to your organisation at the level required by each agile course: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Job Opportunities

We put you in touch with organisations that is keen to take on agile experts. So we open new job opportunities for you.