Advanced Course Outline

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Starting Agile is easy but maintaining and coaching your teams is where the challenges start. In our advanced course we will teach you how to successfully coach your teams so that agile survives in your company. How to effectively do your testing in the agile framework and where lays the responsibilities. We look at Agile in Software development and how to make it survive.


You will be able to coach your teams and company into becoming a real agile running company. Know how to test correctly and how to streamline your testing cycle so that it is more in line with the agile framework.

But this won’t be a quick skimming through all the facts kind of course. You will get practical exercises to implement and to work through.

A final exam will be completed here that will test knowledge of Beginners, Intermediate and Advance. So be prepared.

Who will need this course?

Anyone that wants to know how to be an agile coach or anyone in a leadership position that is interested to learn how to effectively mentor people:

    • Area Managers
    • Organisational Change Agents
    • Development Managers
    • Business Analysts
    • Real Scrum Masters
    • Product Managers
    • Project Managers
    • CTO’s
    • CIO’s
    • CEOs


72 hours of Class time.

Every Tuesday for 1 ½ hours starting from 18:00.


12 month course

First Course date:

4 August 2015

School Fees

R30 000 p.p.

Prescribed books for this course

1. Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins
2. Succeeding with Agile in Software Development by Mike Cohn
3. Surprise: scaling agile at enterprise level

Agile testing imageSucceeding with agile

Outcome of the course

    • Effectively doing agile coaching
    • Make Agile succeed in your company and the teams
    • Build sustainable agile adoption


Keen to register and get started? Please send us an email to to get in touch with us, and we’ll contact you about further information that we will need