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Agile implementations

The overall objectives for implementing agile can be summarised in the following important points:

      • Reduce time to market: in an ever changing business environment it is of utmost importance to ensure that we can respond to changes within our macro environment as soon as possible to encapsulate on the benefits of changes before our competition does.
      • Streamline end-to-end delivery of services and products to the market, thus minimising the time it takes to deliver a specific requirement and thus reducing the cost of delivery for a specific requirement.
      • Being disciplined around measuring Return on Investment continuously throughout projects before embarking on implementation, thus ensuring accountability across all role players
      • Reduce costs for fixing bugs post release
    • Fail early. This helps us to not invest too much in a potentially flawedservice or product, so we get early feedback from customers and we can adapt our approaches accordingly
    • Determined output for teams that is more reliable than traditional estimation techniques
    • Better quality solutions that are easier to maintain into the future

This is to name but a few.

Key Agileware Studios services

We take a very practical approach to our implementation. At Agileware Studios we borrow from a couple of agile methodologies and frameworks to tweak an agile approach best suited to your organisation.

Agile process consulting

This is focused on working closely with delivery teams to implement agile methodologies in support of end-to-end delivery. It will give your delivery teams a practical framework in which to operate and successfully execute agile. Some of the methodologies used include Scrum, Kanban, Lean, DAD etc.

Technical agile practices

A truly successful agile implementation does not focus solely on the implementation of processes, it also considers the impact of poor or absent technical practices on the ability to be agile. We focus on implementing the right technical practices from, for instance, XP (extreme programming) to support our agile adoption.

Agile testing

In order to be successful with agile,the incorporation of testing as part of your sprints or iterations is of vital importance. Our team has years of experience in how to go about incorporating this into the agile delivery process.We also show you how to make use of test automation practices using various tools to ensure end-to-end measurement and control of quality.

Organisational agile transformation

If you are serious about transforming your organisation wall-to-wall, this starts with shifting the Executive’s mindset to support the agile transformation. Here we embed continuous improvement disciplines and principles across the organisation within all divisions and on all levels. This includes transformation on both business and IT level.

Agile contracting and client engagement

Aligning your client engagement model with agile is an important ingredient in succeeding with agile.This means revisiting contracts and including scope, delivery times and cost; and changing this to support a win-win relationship from a contract perspective. Key to this is describing the benefits of taking frequent releases.

Agile project governance

Making use of solid project governance practices within your agile adoption adds a lot of value. We always say that a good understanding of project management principles goes a long way when implementing agile. Monitoring, measuring and reporting add value regardless of the chosen methodology.

Agile project management

Agileware Studios also offer agile project management services to people wanting assistance in the management of their agile projects. This can be IT or non-IT projects. Contact us to book a Scrum Master.