Agile trend in Marketing

Agile has become the new buzzword in marketing circles, and for good reason. Agile provides marketing professionals with increased efficiency and transparency across the board. Effectively optimising delivery to your clients and increasing your agency’s productivity.

At Infoware Studios, we are passionately agile. It is a common theme in all that we do in the company, within every department. Even our marketing team runs on the agile methodology. And what a difference it makes! We believe that the benefits of the Agile methodology can be applied to many different types of industries, not only the software development field. Because at its core, agile is about improving transparency, working more effectively, increasing productivity, improving flexibility, managing work flows and optimising delivery to clients.  And we believe this fits in perfectly with marketing goals.

Benefits of Agile

The benefits of Agile can be seen in the following stats:

Agile in marketing 1

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So for example, 85% of respondents experienced an increase in productivity when adopting the agile methodology, and 84% had an increase in project visibility. Compared to the traditional way of doing things, the respondents who used agile in their projects enjoyed a 42% success rate, with only 9% failing, compared to a 14% success rate with traditional approaches.

Agile in marketing

So we implemented agile in a marketing agency, and these were the great improvements made:

    • Deadline management was implemented efficiently, including SLA management for clients
    • Workflow was designed specifically for delivering work
    • The agency was assisted in mapping workflows, and could easily assign work to each other, resulting in faster reviews and the system thus effectively worked as the Traffic Controller
    • Client and team reviews were much more efficient, thus reducing bottlenecks. Also, the client services department are able to review the team and vice versa
    • Visibility across board, so the team is able to see where everyone is with tasks
    • Work loads are more effectively monitored
    • Reporting is made easier
    • Delivery to clients is optimised
    • Work is much more efficient
    • Eliminated waste
    • Manage workflows better
    • Changing Priorities are easily managed
    • Massive increase in productivity
    • A more proactive work environment to marketing influences
    • Work is broken into short iterations, increasing speed of delivery and responsiveness to the market.
    • Increase in communication, both within and outside the marketing team

Sound like a great solution? Keen to keep up with the times and go agile? Speak to us to find out why there is such a hype around adopting agile in a marketing environment.

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