The M5: PSI Metrics are based on the SAFE® Agile Metrics and are used to measure a potentially shippable increment (PSI) or release. The PSI Metrics are broken into functionality and quality reports. Functionality reports determine metrics such as planned features versus actual features, as an example, and the quality reports are used to determine important quality indicators such as the number of tests and open defects for the release. SAFE® metrics on Jira can be obtained through the below reports which have been developed on Jira by Infoware Studios


The Functionality reports can be filtered on any of the below:

    • Any other date range
    • Portfolio (optional)
    • Programme (optional)
    • Project (optional)
    • PSI / Release boundaries (optional)

The Functionality reports consist of the following:

    • Portfolio / Programme / Project velocity
    • Number of Features planned vs actual
    • Number of architectural features
    • No of stories planned / accepted (resolved, closed, or identify other status relevant): See M1: Iteration metrics. This will be the same report. But filter capability goes down from Portfolio level to programme level
For example:
Agile metrics on Jira: Velocity Chart

Agile metrics on Jira: Committed vs Actual Scope


The Quality reports consist of the following:

    • Percentage (%) % unit test coverage
    • Open defects
    • Total number of tests
    • Total percentage (%) test automated
    • Number of non-functional tests
For example:

See AWM2: Quality monitoring reports.