Here we are concerned about the state of 2 aspects that is core to any business: the people working for you and the clients you have.

At the end it is the people in your company that makes the company. Without people there is no company. Looking after the happiness of the people working at a company is just as important as to check the health of a project.

Then keeping your clients happy release after release is just as important.

People Reports

The AWM3: Release Perception Reports can be filtered on any of the below:

    • Any other date range
    • Portfolio (optional)
    • Programme (optional)
    • Project (optional)
    • PSI / Release boundaries (optional)
    • Sprints (optional)

Click on the below Release Perception Reports for more detail:

    • Team / Company Happiness Report
    • Client / Stakeholder Happiness Report
    • Velocity versus Hours report

For example:
Agile metrics on Jira: Velocity vs hours

Agile metrics on Jira: Release perception

Agile metrics on Jira: Team Client happiness

Agile metrics on Jira: Release perception dashboard