This report is given to each client once the release has gone live to do a quick survey on how happy they are with the release.

Responsibility to monitor & distribute: Account Manager or Project Manager
Frequency: In line with sprint or iteration or release boundaries


A sneak preview at the collection sheet.

Client happiness bar
client happiness

This is plotted and monitored line with the release cycles to ensure that we stay on top of our client satisfaction measurements. The Client is prompted to provide more feedback if the response is not good. A happy client is a good advocate for your business, so this should be a goal.

Capturing the measurement

Select the Client name, Project name and release.

The client then selects the face that rates their experience of your release.

Client rating
Client rating 2

Monitoring the measurement

Select the Client Happiness dashboard

Client monitoring dashboard

Each dashboard gadget can be drilled down into and filtered per year, month, client, project and release.

Client monitoring drilldown

Drill into more detail per dashboard gadget:

Client monitoring drilldown1
Client monitoring drilldown2
Client monitoring drilldown3