This is a simple measurement with 3 indicators that is given to each team member at the beginning of the retrospective to complete.

Team happiness bar
Team happiness measurement

Responsibility to monitor & distribute: Scrum Master or Project Manager
Frequency: In line with sprint or iteration or release boundaries


Each team member accesses the voting sheet and selects the team and submits their response for the day. The response is recorded against the Jira user logged in.

The curve is monitored per time period and provided to the team as a status check. The Scrum Master is also responsible for prompting the team to discover issues during the retrospective if a downward curve is experienced.

This is reported on a:

    • Team level
    • Rolled up to a Project/Product/Service area level
    • Rolled up to a company level

Capturing the measurement

Select the face you identify with and submit

Submit face

Monitoring the measurement

On the Team Happiness dashboard the following over view of where the people happiness measure is sitting can be reviewed.

This dashboard can be filtered per Year, Week, Team & User

Happiness dashboard
Happiness dashboard 2

A specific gadget on the dashboard enlarged.

Happiness dashboard enlarged