If you are estimating stories using story points then this report will be relevant for you. Here we calculate the cost per velocity point for each team in each portfolio/programme/project or product area.

Why is this important? 3 reasons:

    • To make sure big variances in cost per velocity point is investigated to see what impacted the variance. This gives the organization the ability to respond and investigate these variances and ultimately mitigating the risk on project slippage by actioning it proactively.
    • This gives the organization the comfort that the velocity currency used for estimation is not inflated, but consistent.
    • Implementing a culture of accountability, visibility and continuous improvement.
Responsibility to monitor & distribute: Product owner / Project Manager
Frequency: In line with sprint or iteration or release boundaries
This is a view of a typical project dashboard:
Typical project dashboard

We are focusing on the following table in the dashboard:

Project dashboard
This report calculates the following:

    • average hours per Velocity point on delivered stories
    • average hours per person in this month on delivered stories
    • hours needed to complete all the incomplete story points for this month

The Green/Red indicators are a limit than can be set-up on this report. On this example it was set to:

    • Hours per velocity point alert set at above 5 hours.
    • Ave hours per author alert set at below 40.

You can then drill down into detail per month:

Velocity per month

It will then show you the details of all your projects within that month:

Project detail