The Portfolio/Programme/Project Value Rand Burn down can be measured per project or per client. Once you have captured your project budget using our Quoteware plugin, delivery of stories are tracked against the Project Budget Quote. Stories logged are linked to the relevant quote and as time is captured against the stories the project budget will burn up in a Rand (or other currency) value.

Why is this important? 3 reasons:

    • Know how much of your project budget you have burned through already
    • Know how your project is performing against your original estimated delivery so you can proactively manage scope variances
    • Implementing a culture of accountability, visibility and continuous improvement.
Responsibility to monitor & distribute: Product owner / Project Manager
Frequency: In line with sprint boundaries
Project burnup

By clicking on a dot on 1 of the bar elements highlighting a project or client and it filters down to display the following:

    • Story points delivered
    • Rand (or other currency) spent
    • Cost per story point
    • Relationship between story points and hours logged
Burnup dashboard
Agile metrics on Jira: Budget Burndown

Why is this important? 3 reasons:

    • Know if there is a big difference between your velocity trend and hours logged trend, so big variances can be actioned
    • Compare Rand (or other currency value) for a story point
    • See percentage of budget burned through