Release planning is about defining releases and assigning stories to releases diligently in Jira. Specific focus is on percentage completed story points and issues versus the percentage incomplete story points and issues. The organisation is able to see this detail if releases are still on track and to communicate in time if there are going to be delays or investigate the reason or cause behind why the releases are behind schedule.

Responsibility to generate & distribute: Client owner, Product Owner or Project Manager
Frequency: In line with sprint or iteration or release boundaries

Release Monitoring

Being able to drill down into each project to view the velocity, total story points, percentage completed and incomplete amount of story points and percentage gives a picture of where you actually are in either all your projects or a specific project.

Project drilldown

The report can be filtered by Year, Project Name, Week and Release.

Release Graph
Project release drilldown

Why is this important? 2 reasons:

    • See percentage completed for a project, release or client.
    • Compare Rand (or other currency value) for a story point or hour in a release and check how this changes over time.