Velocity and number of bugs picked up over a specific period. Make sure the team is not chasing velocity and closing stories, but the quality is not good, so it results in bugs being logged to fix delivered stories. This also measures how quality increases within the team, while velocity (throughput) increases.

Responsibility to monitor & distribute: Scrum Master, Project Manager or Product Owner
Frequency: In line with sprint or iteration or release boundaries


Velocity measure: story points per period for closed / resolved stories etc.
Bugs measure: number of bugs logged per period.
Red and Green indicators limit is set for this example on: Bugs % to velocity/issues alert on each page set at above 20%.

The report can be filtered by Year, Month, Week, Project Name, Client, Assignee

View for a period

Velocity per period

View for a project

Velocity for a project

Why is this important? 2 reasons:

    • To measure the amount of bugs post release for a period of time and compare this against other releases
    • Monitor productivity against quality to ensure there is a healthy balance