The most important part of agile technology delivery is to get visibility of projects and collaborate effortlessly in a non-mundane way. So we are not pushing senseless project plans or micromanaging people, but we find agile tools that can give us progress updates and tracking at a glance and makes it easier for our teams to collaborate.

Jira Software, the best agile collaboration tool

Jira Software is an excellent agile collaboration tool to manage and track your day-to-day activity in a project. Its flexibility allows you to configure your Jira Software instance specific to a company’s agile process and how the teams operate. It also offers a great platform for collaboration of collocated and distributed teams, as information is accessible from your phone or laptop.

We use a combination of Scrum and Kanban in Jira Software to achieve these goals.

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The Agile tool debate
There is a debate about using agile tools versus manual agile processes. We believe that agile tools are the only way to go when scaling agile at larger organisations, amongst many other reasons such as visibility and collaboration in a way that is easy accessible for people across different locations, plus to not mention that we are in the digital information era and real-time updates to progress and statuses are key for businesses to be responsive and to survive within the current economical pressures.

For IT teams:

We implement Jira as an agile tool to support your agile software or technology development delivery, software development management and software product support. We have also developed an ITIL light based helpdesk system for IT service delivery management.

For Business teams:

We implement Jira as an agile tool to support the allocation of work and management of your work process, ranging from Marketing activities, investment administration, quoting, strategy mapping and much more.

Jira Services

At Infoware Studios, we offer a host of Jira Services & Products. For more information on our Jira services, check them out here:

As an agile tool, Jira offers the following cool features:

    • Basic reporting to show progress towards achieving goals.
    • Dashboards provide project transparency and team progress
    • Linking stories together so that everyone can see that stories are related.
    • Sprint planning, sprint review and grooming functionality and facilitation, providing continuous communication to clients.
    • Release planning so that the client can at least know when to expect what and the product owner can continuously communicate the vision to the team.
    • Adding Comments as and when we work so that anyone can go into a story and know exactly what is going on.
    • Attachment of files to stories, bugs and tasks, ensuring a continuous sharing of information between team members.
    • Kanban Boards for Production with the option to put restrictions on each column and to map out the whole process from beginning to end.
    • Permissions so that the client can have the opportunity to log in to Jira to collaborate with your team and ONLY see their own work progress.
    • Notifications to inform everyone continuously about the progress of a story.
    • Custom workflow processes that support the process followed by your teams.
    • Project registrations: management of programme office and project governance on Jira.
    • Portfolio & programme management: planning of strategy and mapping projects and work to the strategy of the portfolio and programme.
    • Quote management: the ability to quote for work to be delivered by your clients and tracking the burndown on these costs.
    • SLA management: the management of service level agreements for your support teams.

Jira Agile Business Intelligence (BI)

The Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tool pulls all needed information from Jira to provide detailed, already defined reporting than is available for use immediately at the click of button. These reports can be exported to excel or printed to PDF for distribution to clients.

Some cool features of the BI tool include:

    • Filtering per date ranges, and/or projects
    • Matrixes to show the project burn-down of actual work delivered against the allocated budget.
    • Sprint burn-downs overall for all project rolled up into 1. How is the team performing against initial commitments
    • Mood metrics for the teams as well as for clients to ensure we are keeping our clients happy with each release but that our teams are also in a good space
    • Quality metrics to ensure that we are not just chasing velocity but that we are delivering truly shippable work and to track the amount of bugs that are picked up
    • Quality metrics to ensure that we are not just chasing velocity but that we are delivering truly shippable work and to track the amount of bugs that are picked up
    • Metrics to track employee billable time against the project
    • Dashboard for Release planning to ensure we can communicate accurately to our clients on timeline
    • And many more

For more detailed information on the powerful reporting capabilities of the Jira Agile Business Intelligence Tool, check back soon.

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