Why we decided to do Scrum Master for hire

Over the years we have noticed that the Scrum Master role has been misunderstood in various cases. They have been seen as glorified administrators or simply facilitators of meetings. It also has become concerning to see how many people call themselves Certified Scrum Masters but lack the relevant experience  to be more than just facilitators and administrators. We decided it is time for the Scrum Master role to make the impact it needs to for Agile to survive in organisations.

How we structured Scrum Master for hire

We decided to have a rotate system where Scrum Masters continuously can learn from different teams and organizations and can give fresh input into the challenges that’s been faced in Agile organisations. They say that two heads are better than one. We also worked in one day of an Agile consultant to be onsite with a Scrum Master to get a fresh set of eyes on agile challenges and to ensure that our Scrum Masters still feel part of the Infowarian team.

Why we are doing it differently

Scrum Masters also need to have their own Scrum Master team from which they can share knowledge and get advice from.  To enable Scrum Masters to grow, there needs to be a lot more collaboration and exposure to different situations and challenges. Agile can’t be something you implement in just one team in an organisation. We want to build agile organisations instead of just agile teams. The Scrum Masters need to be the leaders in driving the continuous change and the vision of developing into an Agile organisation.

Benefits of using Scrum Master for hire

  • Agile coaching combined
  • Rotation to get fresh eyes on the project
  • Cost effective
  • Agile consultant looks at a company-wide agile change implementation instead of just being team focused

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