At Infoware Studios we are all about agile. As part of our agile implementation and agile consulting services we also do automated agile testing. The type of testing we do assists you and your business in achieving testing as part of your Scrum sprint cycles if you are doing product development or software projects.

The Agile Manifesto states inter alia that working software is valued more than comprehensive documentation. Automated test scenarios are built from user stories and requirements, and are then used for development and acceptance testing, as well as continuous integration.

Agile testing forms an integral part of agile software development, and should be embedded in the definition of ‘done’. Automated tests can never replace manual testing, but test automation is essential to improve time to market by improving the quality of the software.

Infoware Studios can help you to implement automated testing by recommending appropriate tools and technologies, and work with your team to fast track integration thereof with your development process.

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At Infoware Studios we specialise in feature driven automated agile testing. Feature driven testing is achieved through the use of open source tools like Cucumber, SpecFlow and Sikuli. The automated agile testing we focus on can give you automated front-end testing or automated unit testing.

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