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With today’s rapid pace of technological advances it is becoming more and more important to understand computers beyond typing letters in Word and playing Solitaire instead of working. But where does a complete stranger to programming start?


I can only imagine how confusing it must be for a person with no background in computing to figure out how to start programming. The web is scattered with blogs and articles written by software developers for software developers. For a completely new person the terminology is foreign, it must feel like reading hieroglyphics. Terms like Java, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Python, Erlang, Database, Caching, Functional Programming, Object Orientated Paradigm, etc. are used all over the place.

Programming in the Past

When I started to program I visited the library and started in a language called BASIC. I wrote simple programs that took text as input and spitted out more text as output. It was easy to get started and the more I learned the more I could do. I moved on to Pascal (programming language) and then got more serious with C++, Java and eventually started loving Ruby. In between I learnt languages that interest me and every language influences the way I think as a developer and makes it easier to learn another language. 

Programming in the present

10 years ago BASIC was a good place to start to learn how to code but time has moved on and we have a plethora of new exciting languages and tools to teach us how to program. Just take a look at your nearest Google result page ( Sites like, and https:// are all big efforts to make learning to code easy.

Today I wouldn’t recommend learning BASIC for a starter language, as it is not as accessible as it used to be and we don’t live in a world of DOS anymore. We live in a world of Windows, Mac and if you’re hardcore enough, Linux. We live in a world where we’re always close to an Internet connection. So what is the best language to learn to code in 2013?

Today’s BASIC is called JavaScript!

Just like BASIC, JavaScript is already on your computer, you can start writing JavaScript code without ever having to install any complicated tools or to learn how to use them. You can start off with a tutorial from the web, a book (I recommend or one of the online courses and instantly start developing programs. You can start coding right now, in your web browser. They will be simple and might seem stupid but nothing beats the feeling that you are in control of your own computer and if you keep learning more you could push your work to billions of people’s computers, mobile phones, tablets and anything connected to the internet. You can change the world.

Start to code now – learn programming

If you stumbled on this article and want to learn to code go to and learn JavaScript from their interactive learning course. Once you have learnt JavaScript you can create anything you can imagine, you will by then know enough about programming that you will be able to evaluate other languages and make your own decision on whether you want to learn a new language or take over the world with your first love. You will be a developer and part of being a developer is a never-ending quest for knowledge.

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