Level: Advance

2 days

An introduction to technical practices using Atlassian tools

Source code management is a fundamental process to support all development processes and systems within companies. Using the right tools to manage and track your precious source code / intellectual property that runs the engine of your business is super important. Atlassian tools like Bitbucket integrates with Git repositories to streamline technical practices around your SDLC like linking code changes to stories and tasks, doing code review and releases.


Use of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) tool is assumed and required. Prior experience in the use of a command line tool like Windows Powershell or Mac terminal is required.

Who should attend

People in the following roles: development, devops, infrastructure, testing.

Learning objectives

The following learning outcomes can be expected after completing this Jira Service Desk Administrator course:

What is Git?

Distributed version control system

Repository management

Git command basics

Working with branches and branching strategies

An introduction to bitbucket

Understanding how git and bitbucket works

Code reviews using bitbucket

Integration of Jira and Bitbucket to track code changes on Jira

Integration of git with your IDE

Use of Atlassian Sourcetree

Course Dates


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