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Online Agile Project Management Tools

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There are a number of online agile applications to assist with the management of agile software development projects. We’ll focus on agile tools that we’ve used on internal and external projects, namely Jira/Greenhopper, Pivotal Tracker and Trello.

Jira with Greenhopper

Greenhopper Agile tool

At Infoware Studios, we use Jira for all our projects. Jira is ...

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Using Pivotal Tracker as a time management tool

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The stuff of fairy tales

If you’re anything like me, time management is about as elusive as a golden unicorn that lives in a rainbow. Somehow, things just get too busy and chaotic and at the end of the day I realise I haven’t gotten to half of what I needed to do. And it doesn’t help that, like the unicorn, I am easily distracted by anything (Oh look – a ...

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