Checking for Jira license and paid plugins

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From a support and maintenance perspective is it crucial to understand where to find your Jira license and Plugin licenses on your instance. Some users / clients only make use of certain plugins. To understand where to view your Jira license is vital if no one is really monitoring it. Or if it is your role to do so.

The first step will be to have either admin rights or system admin rights. Depending on how your permissions is configured on Jira.

Steps to check your Jira License

Step 1

From there the first step is to select from the cog tool dropdown add-ons.

Step1 Jira License

Step 2

Click on the field on the left hand side: Manage add-ons

Step2 Jira License

Step 3

On the user-installed dropdown select Paid via Atlassian.

Step3 Jira License

Step 4

Click on the plugin you wish to see the details. Like SEN number, License key, Expiry date.

Step4 Jira License

Step 5

Click on the field System.

Step5 Jira License

Step 6

The field System is now selected.

Step6 Jira License

Step 7

On your left hand side, scroll down until you see the field Licenses. Click on this field.

Step7 Jira License

Step 8

You will now be able to view the license information.

Step8 Jira License




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