At Infoware, we are all about getting personal. We pride ourselves on setting the bar when it comes to customer service. Excellence is in our nature afterall. And our clients seem to love our quirky approach to rocking their lives. But don’t take our word for it…see for yourself what they have to say.



We developed software for a system in the automotive industry using agile principles with great success

This project is a testimonial of how agile can make a difference in making projects work even under difficult circumstances such as unclear requirements and many stakeholders trying to achieve the same goal but working for different companies. Read through our case study on a successful implementation of agile principles in a software development project by clicking here


Digital Matter

We assisted the Digital Matter team with Jira implementation and Agile coaching as well as consulting. This is their experience with our service:

We explored the delivery issues within our delivery team and focused on the delivery of a specific version of our product. We explored how we could move to a more agile delivery environment. It was great to have someone help us understand the issues and help put processes and technology in place to support our delivery approach. Infoware Studios helped us select and implement Jira which has become central to our development teams. Jira has allowed us to plan better, allocate work and keep work visible.  This has given us better structure.  Our delivery has improved. We used your experience and knowledge to better understand our delivery issues and we looked at bringing a more agile approach into Digital Matter – which would help with a product release and give us more visibility around the go-live date for the customer. We achieved our objectives and your help was valuable. ~ Jeremy, Digital Matter



Infoware Studios automated the PSG business processes through implementing a Jira workflow automation and also provided Agile coaching and strategic IT consulting in the process. This what they had to say about us:

Infoware Studios assisted with our workflow distribution to convert it from a 100% paper-based environment to a completely automated workflow distribution system. They also assisted with e-mail notifications on our web-submitted instructions. Infoware assisted with training in terms of user stories for development. Infoware Studios added Professionalism to our business – the functionality on our website improved the professional image we wish to carry out. Also achieved objectives – where projects were taking long to deliver, after starting to make use of Infoware we were reaching goals quicker and keeping track of sprints more effectively. The staff at Infoware takes initiative and assist with solutions directly designed to satisfy your business requirements. Progress and delivery are tracked on a regular basis to ensure timely delivery of projects. The results we achieved were:

More web traffic – due to the increased functionality more of our clients started using our website.
Cost saving – due to the automation our expense on paper and printing was reduced.
Efficiency – due to instructions travelling through different departments without getting lost we improved our efficiency in terms of service delivery to our clients. ~ PSG


Edwina Geswint Website

Edwina is a social entrepreneur with an innovative idea to connect the marginalised portion of the population through a social network platform. We assisted her by providing consultation on social media strategies, configured her platform and wrote content for her site over a 10 month period.

The previous website could only display ‘Groups’. We, however, needed Groups as well as Subgroups. Your company was able to set up both. We wanted extra pages and headings. Extra pages were created with content by your company. The creation of ‘Links’ to other pages. Since I do not understand website/internet language I found your companies communication with other companies very helpful. End users now have a better understanding of what is expected of them when using the site. This is due to the excellent content done by your company and making the website more attractive to users by adding appropriate pictures and colours where necessary. The layout of the website is neat and orderly and makes for easy reading and use. I would absolutely recommend your services.  I was impressed by your company’s knowledge and use of social media and technology as well as your understanding of formatting of a website. Our website benefited by the excellent advice and information given by your company when consulting. We received feedback and reached targets on time. You were always there for me with advice and information when I needed you. Thank you. I was initially turned down by many companies for whatever reason. Thank you for walking this road with me. The website is beautiful! ~ Edwina Geswint