Moving to the Cloud…

Infoware Studios has effectively offered services in the cloud infrastructure and cloud-hosting arena to clients over the last 12 months, thus the Cloudware Studios division was created to further meet the needs of this market.

So what we do in this space?

  • We offer you an analysis of your current infrastructure environment and provide a suggested deployment architecture giving you insight on how you can move from your current infrastructure to the cloud.
  • We provide you with assistance in covering security & data sovereignty issues you might have related to cloud hosting. We pull in experts from the various providers should it be required to give you peach of mind around these matters.
  • We provide you with assistance in understanding how your cloud infrastructure or cloud hosting will be compliant with the POPI act from South Africa.
  • We do a costing for you to indicate the affordability of cloud infrastructure and cloud hosting for your business.
  • We setup the environments for your cloud infrastructure or cloud hosting solution. This would include looking at a local DR infrastructure or international cloud hosted DR infrastructure.
  • We train your internal infrastructure team to effectively manage your cloud hosted infrastructure for you.

Agile and the Cloud…

So within the agile or the application lifecycle management (ALM) space we also assist with the following:

  • setting up an agile focused continuous deployment environment on cloud hosted infrastructure (build management).
  • setting up an agile focused automated deployment environment that is cloud hosted (release management).
  • agile automated testing environment on your new cloud hosted infrastructure (software testing).