Level: Beginner

1 day

Atlassian’s Confluence is a content collaboration tool that supports modern day teams to manage projects and all related documentation in a central place, allow teams to create knowledge bases which can easily be accessed for new staff or utilised by technical team members to understand environments, application architecture and configurations, document project requirements or provide system FAQ or user manuals. Confluence integrates seamlessly with Jira to integrate project progress charts from Jira to Confluence, to link Jira tasks and stories to Confluence documentation and to create Jira tasks or stories from Confluence requirements in bulk. All information created in Confluence is version controlled and people can collaborate on the real-time editing of documents online as well as through comments.


This is a beginner level course and no pre-requisites from an Atlassian tool perspective are applicable.

User must be comfortable using a PC and have basic computer skills under the belt.

The user needs to use a Confluence compatible browser. Each user needs to check this prior to the training session as our trainers cannot provide technical support on this during training.

For more info on compatible browsers please visit: Atlassian Supported Browsers

Who should attend

Anyone that is planning to work with a best-of-breed content management and documentation tool that integrates seamlessly with Jira, never used Confluence before and needs to get up and running with the tool as a user quickly.

Learning objectives

The following learning outcomes can be expected after completing this Confluence Basic User Training (Day 1) course:

Understanding of basic concepts and terminology in Confluence, how they fit together and what they mean.

Familiarise with the basic navigation of Confluence.

Different content types in Confluence: pages, blogs, blue prints.

Be able to create documents, edit documents, work with documents.

Working with document versions.

Collaborate on documents: like, share, comment

Formatting documents using basic formatting capability as well as Macros.

Linking to content internally and externally to Confluence.

Version management on documents.

Understand the various ways of searching for content.

Your work and spaces.

Getting help from your Confluence Administrator.

Course Dates


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