Level: Beginner

3 days

For agile teams Jira Software provides powerful agile project management capability, allowing teams to collaborate and create complete visibility and transparency on easily configured Jira Agile boards across one or multiple projects. Jira Software allows teams to translate their physical manual boards into powerful electronic boards that make tracking and reporting automatic, simple and easy from anywhere in the world. The Jira Software for Agile Teams training course is aimed at both individuals who have never used Jira or heard of agile before, as well as those who have been using Jira and have been exposed to agile, but would like to understand how to translate this on Jira. In this course, we take you through the very basics of agile, focusing on Scrum & Kanban, and then show you how to use Jira Software to support your agile adoption by practically applying the theory on the tool.


This is a beginner level course and no pre-requisites from an Atlassian tool perspective are applicable.

User must be comfortable using a PC and have basic computer skills under the belt.

The user needs to use a JIRA compatible browser. Each user needs to check this prior to the training session as our trainers cannot provide technical support on this during training.

For more info on compatible browsers please visit:
Atlassian Supported Browsers

Who should attend

Anyone that is planning to transition to an agile delivery methodology and work with a best-of-breed agile project management tool and fulfil a role in one of the following disciplines within a team: analyst, product ownership, scrum master, development, testing, project management, ux/ui, infrastructure.

Learning objectives

The following learning outcomes can be expected after completing this course:

Be comfortable with the basics of the mainstream agile methodologies: Scrum and Kanban

Review of the philosophy behind agile

Agile estimation

Agile requirements

Agile reporting and metrics

Understand how to apply these methodologies on Jira Software practically, putting the basics of agile into practice.

Jira Software Specifics

Basic Jira Software agile concepts

Agile boards:

Working with and configuring agile boards

Creating & working with Sprints

Creating and managing backlogs

Using Agile reports

For more detailed objectives also look at: Jira Software 101 Essential User Objectives

Course Dates


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