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Atlassian’s Jira is a powerful tool used by teams to plan and track their work. The Jira Agile plugin further enhances this, allowing teams to collaborate and create transparency on easily configured Jira Agile boards. Jira Agile allows team to translate their physical manual boards into powerful electronic boards that make reporting simple and easy. The Agile on Jira Basic User training course is aimed at both individuals who have never used Jira or heard of agile before, as well as those who have been using Jira and have been exposed to agile, but would like to understand how to translate this on Jira. In this Jira Agile course, we take you through the very basics of agile, focusing on Scrum & Kanban, and then show you how to use Jira to support your agile adoption.

The Basic User training is divided into 2 sections over 2 days, Day 1 which is Jira Basic User Training and Day 2 which is Agile on Jira. The 2nd day is not compulsory if Jira Agile is not being used. So sign up for day 1 only is needed when only using Jira. However Day 1 (Jira Basic User Training) is compulsory before commencing Day 2. Thus Day 2 cannot be attended unless Day 1 has been completed

Day 1: is focusing on using Jira not covering any plugins or Jira Agile.
Day 2: is focusing on using covering the basics of both Scrum and Kanban from a framework/methodology perspective and then making this work in Jira Agile.

Agile on Jira Basic User training learning outcomes

The following learning outcomes can be expected after completing this Jira Agile course:

  • Basic understanding of agile, the agile manifesto and agile principles
  • Basic understanding of the Scrum framework, Scrum ceremonies and practical application
  • Basic understanding of the Kanban framework and practical application
  • Understand Jira Agile boards and be able to practically configure a Scrum & Kanban board
  • Practically create and work with backlogs, sprints and epics on a Scrum board
  • Practically create and work with issues and WIP limits on a Kanban board
  • Understand reports available on both Scrum & Kanban boards

Agile on Jira Basic User training agenda (Day 2)

– Starting time: 8:30 each day
– Lunch everyday from about 12:00 – 13:00
– Please note that the times are indicative and depends on the size of the group as well as the level of experience from the participants with Jira.

Day 2: Jira Agile 

Scrum basics
– Walk-through on the basics of the Scrum framework (not focused on Jira)

Jira & Jira Agile
– Agile boards
– Jira Projects, Issues & Workflows & boards

Jira Agile & Scrum
– Basic agile concepts
– Configuring a Scrum board
– Creating & working with Sprints
– Using Scrum reports

Kanban basics
– Walk-through on the basics of Kanban as an agile tool (not focused on Jira)

Jira Agile & Kanban
– Creating & configuring a Kanban board
– Ranking & transitioning issues
– Using Kanban reports

Click here for Day 1 agenda (Jira Basic User Training)


Request Custom Training

A minimum of 7 people are required for custom training requests. Please advise the proposed dates for custom training.

Course Dates:

18 & 19 August 2015

17 & 18 November 2015

Course Pricing:

1 Day (Jira Basic User): R3750 ex VAT
2 Days (Jira Basic User + Agile on Jira): R7500 ex VAT


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Unit B, 1st floor
49 New Road


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