Managing life cycle of a requirement against organisational strategy

This course is of particular value to CEO’s, agile managers, agile project managers, agile product owners and agile business analysts. Having said that, the whole agile team works with requirements and it is of utmost importance for the whole team to understand how agile requirements implementation achieves organisational strategy.

So we focus on the following during the 2 day training course:

  • The importance of managing intellectual property (IP) contained within your requirements
  • Mapping out of your organisational strategy and goals using Kanban
  • Mapping out your product requirements against your strategy and goals
  • Quantifying your goals to produce measurable Return on Investment (RIO)
  • Continuous monitoring of your strategy and goals against budget and delivery
  • Continuous monitoring of product development

Main objectives of this course:

  • Reuse and protection of IP
  • Tracking the investment into your product effectively against organisational goals
  • Know what part of your product is bringing in the most revenue
  • Using measureable indicators to assist with deciding if the product development requirements are worth the effort
  • Visible organisational strategy to all team (creating a sense of common vision)

Course attendance requirements:

  • Registration for course at least 3 weeks prior to workshop date to ensure we can prep properly
  • Having real strategic objectives and goals available for implementation during this workshop
  • Having real product requirements available for implementation during the workshop
  • Having budget figure available: cost available for implementation of product requirement, expected revenue from product requirement implementation
  • 1 hour facilitation session with you prior to course to prep for workshop, assisting with the above

Request Custom Training

A minimum of 7 people are required for custom training requests. Please advise the proposed dates for custom training.

Course Dates:

10 & 11 June 2015

Course Pricing:

2 Days (complete course): R7000 ex VAT (R3500 per day)


Unit B, 1st Floor
49 New Road

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