Agile scrum training with a twist

Agile Scrum Training

Our agile Scrum training takes a different approach in that it combines the flavours of class room training and on-the-job training. On-the-job training gives the course participants the opportunity to be exposed to the implementation of agile Scrum in a real-live situations or projects.

There are 2 type of approaches we take with our on-the-job agile Scrum training.

Approach 1: You do not have the opportunity to implement agile Scrum at your company.

You do not have the opportunity for a agile Scrum implementation at your own company. You are keen to get exposure to a real-live implementation of agile Scrum. Here you join an agile Scrum implementation that we have running at one of our clients as part of your training course, to get exposure to the implementation of agile Scrum on a real project. Exciting hey?

Approach 2: You do have the opportunity to implement agile Scrum at your own company

Here we implement agile Scrum at your business taking an approach of training your team on the job. This approach is more cost effective as you would be able to train your whole team for a daily consulting rate.

If you do choose to take approach 2, we will conduct an onsite as-is analysis of the organisational structure, team structure, team roles and people that will participate within the agile Scrum training. This does not form part of the 3 day training course and is over an above the 3 days.

3 day agile Scrum training course

Day 1: Theoretical overview of agile Scrum

Here we cover the basics of agile Scrum to make sure that everyone on the course have the same basic fundamental understanding of agile Scrum before we start with the hardwork.

Day 2 & 3: On-the-job training

We cover the rituals of Scrum and how theses rituals are conducted as run on a real-live project. We train your company on how to run the Scrum framework effectively within your organisation.

When you opt to take approach 2 you can also consider more in-dept implementation of agile Scrum within your organisation. See Agile implementation services.