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The Atlassian Toolset DevOps training course using the Atlassian Toolset focuses on how to improve and streamline your dev teams using the full Atlassian stack. This module introduces the concept of continuous delivery on a technical level focused on continuous integration: automated testing, automated deploys, automated provisioning. We will be using the following tools during this training course: Bamboo, Bitbucket, Stash, HipChat. Depending on the language that your code base is on the automated testing and deployment technologies will differ. Depending on the operating system used on your server environment (Windows v/s Linux) some of the approaches will differ.

The DevOps using the Atlassian Toolset training course is run over 2 days with an instructor led, hands on approach. The focus of this course is at Beginners (white belt).

Atlassian Toolset DevOps training agenda

– Starting time: 8:30 each day
– Lunch everyday from about 12:00 – 13:00
– Please note that the times are indicative and depends on the size of the group as well as the level of experience from the participants with Jira.

Day 1: 

– What is continuous integration?
– What is the difference between git and subversion?
– What is Bamboo?
– What is puppet?
– What is SSH?
– What is a VM?

Bitbucket / Stash Source Control
– Basics of BitBucket/Stash
1. Working with repo’s & commits
2. Working with Branches
3. Dealing with changes
4. Viewing what has changed
– Connect Bitbucket / Stash to existing Git/SVN repos

Working in Team
– Working with changes, commits and conflicts
– Rebasing your code base
– The blame game

Working with Releases
– Branching strategy for production release
– How to deal with emergency bug fixes
1. Cherry picking commits
– Tagging commits
– Working with multiple remotes

Fixing Things
– When things go wrong, how do we go about fixing it

Bitbucket (Stash) / Version Control integration to Jira
– Logging comments against an issue from version control
– Transitioning an issue from version control
– Commits that specify a Jira Issue should accumulate those commits against the source tab of the issue on Jira

Day 2: 

Now we add continuous integration to the mix

Automated builds
– Setup a build agent using Bamboo

Automating tests
– Hook execution of tests to your build agent

Automating deployments
– Connect your build agent to a dev / test environment
– Configure build agent to deploy your application to the above environment

Integrate Bamboo with Jira
– Getting JIRA and Bamboo to integrate on change on source code, builds, failed tests, changes of issues etc

Integrate Bamboo with HipChat
– Get messages send to your development rooms for all build related activities

Integrate HipChat with Jira
– Create issue sends message to specified HipChat room
– Transition issue from one status sends message to specified HipChat Room


Request Custom Training

A minimum of 7 people are required for custom training requests. Please advise the proposed dates for custom training.

Course Dates:

11 & 12 August 2015

13 & 14 October 2015

Course Pricing:

2 Days: R7500 ex VAT


Infoware Offices located at:
Unit C, Ground floor
49 New Road


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