Level: Beginner

1 day

Atlassian’s Jira Software is a powerful tool used by teams (business and IT) to plan and track their work. The Jira 101 user training course is aimed at both individuals who have never used Jira before, as well as those who have been using Jira but would like to understand how to use Jira more effectively and optimally or want to rehash the basic usage of Jira. In this Jira course, we take you through the very basics of the Jira tool and explain how concepts hang together to increase your understanding of Jira and they way in which you can use it.


This is a beginner level course and no pre-requisites from an Atlassian tool perspective are applicable.

User must be comfortable using a PC and have basic computer skills under the belt.

The user needs to use a JIRA compatible browser. Each user needs to check this prior to the training session as our trainers cannot provide technical support on this during training.

For more info on compatible browsers please visit:
Atlassian Supported Browsers

Who should attend

Anyone that is planning to work with a best-of-breed agile project management or task management tool, never used Jira before and needs to get up and running with the tool as a user quickly.

Learning objectives

The following learning outcomes can be expected after completing this Jira Basic User Training course:

What is JIRA?

Understanding of basic concepts and terminology in Jira, how they fit together and what they mean.

Familiarise with the basic navigation of JIRA.

Issue types and what it means?

Understand the usage of various fields on an issue in JIRA.

Be able to create issues, edit issues, work with issues and be able to apply various functionality such as moving, assigning issues, prioritising issues.

JIRA issues and workflows, transitioning an issue.

Bulk updating issues.

Version / release management on issues.

Understand the various ways of searching and filtering issues.

Practically create basic & advanced search filters.

Be able to create personalised dashboards and configure gadgets to create reporting and communication portal on projects.

Getting help from your JIRA Administrator.

Working on agile boards.

Course Dates

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2019-04-1608:30 AM - 4:00 PM


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