What is this workshop about?

The Who We Are Workshop is about bringing the personal element back into the workplace and creating very real, very tangible visibility in your business and teams with the asset that matters the most – your people.

Why do your teams need this workshop?

So often, we work in teams where we hardly know the bare minimum about our colleagues, yet we spend a large majority of our time at work with them. For example, do you know that your colleague writes novels part-time and could help you with proof-reading your report? Or do others know that you completed a course on public speaking and would be a great candidate to speak at the upcoming conference?

We don’t know much about our colleagues because despite spending time together, we hardly interact on this level where we can share skills and strengths that people typically do not know about us, resulting in teams that are dysfunctional with little or no visibility on their capabilities.

An added result of this is that as managers, we struggle to identify areas our employees want to grow into because of this lack of visibility, and essentially a lack of understanding Who We Are as a team.

What does this workshop achieve?

It may sound simple enough, but the power that is gained from coming together as a team and discovering Who We Are has many ripple effects.

Thus the objectives of this workshop are to enhance cohesiveness within your teams through:

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  • Identifying, sharing and clearing up misconceptions between team members
  • Open and honest communication and feedback from the team for each team member
  • Identifying roles, strengths, weaknesses and hidden skills
  • Increased team collaboration based on strengths and weaknesses matching
  • Identification of growth and career paths as a result of this workshop
  • Actionable learning and knowledge sharing steps
  • Playing team members to their strengths
  • Creating visibility & transparency across the team
  • Allowing the team to get to know one another on a non-superficial level
  • Bringing the personal element back into the workplace

What are the details

The Who We Are workshop centres on teams and creating visibility on a team level, thus is effective as a team building exercise with full team participation.

Team size: Typically up to 8 or 9 people in one team, however more than one team can be facilitated during a workshop.
Workshop length: The workshop length is dependent on the number of team members within a team. Typically a full day is needed for teams of 5-9.
Venue: The workshop can be hosted on site or at Infoware Studios, depending on client preference.
Pricing: Send an email to info@infowarestudios.co.za for more information.


Brilliant way of getting to know your colleagues as well as coming face to face with your own weaknesses and strengths. We do not know what we do not know…this is a great way of facing yourself and to learn. ~ Chantel


The workshop assists team members to get to know each other better, to give each other feedback and is a really fun team building activity. After the workshop I was able to adjust my approach towards people, understanding what they are not good at and rather playing them to their strengths. ~ Tania


It was a valuable experience. It made me realize how the team viewed me and allowed me the space to be vulnerable enough to admit to my weaknesses in front of the team and see strengths that I didn’t know I had. ~ Lebogang