Custom Software Development Company for Entrepreneurs to build an app

Do you have a mobile app idea and looking to build an app with a custom software development company? At Infoware Studios, a custom software development company, we specialise to build an app that and take it to market within 6 weeks for a reasonable price. Infoware Studios is a cutting edge software development company! We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs take their ideas, mobile apps and software products to market, really really fast. Let’s build an app together!

How to build an app?

We follow the Lean Startup MVP methodology which focuses on getting the minimum viable product (MVP) out the door as quick as possible. Apps can be build for iOS, Android or using a hybrid framework like ionic to build 1 app for both iOS and Android and thus saving costs.

Have a software idea or mobile app idea?

Have a software idea and you want to build an app? On average building an app costs about R100 000 or $10 000.

The MVP is the bare minimum of the solution that is needed. In other words, “the minimum amount of effort you have to do to complete exactly one turn of the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop”. We manage our custom software development projects using the Scrum and Lean agile methodologies/frameworks within the Jira agile project management tool that enables our teams to develop high quality software speedily.

A software development company as a partner

We believe in partnering with our clients to bring their ideas to the market. We thus work very closely with our entrepreneurs and include them in biweekly review.

Developing a simple app starts at R100000 or $10 000 for an MVP software product or mobile app delivered in 6 weeks


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