Bespoke Custom Software Development Solutions

We only take on custom software development projects where we manage the project end-to-end. For a great example on how we do this, see our APDP case study and testimonial by clicking here.

We take full responsibility of custom software development, testing and quality assurance on our projects. The client will have to nominate a business user who will serve as the product owner on our projects. The business analysis part of the project can either be conducted by the client or by the Infoware Studios team. This is decided before development starts.

Have a software idea?

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We follow a test first approach and run a continuous integration environment as part of the application’s quality management.

All our web applications are mobile ready, so the web application will render correctly as a mobi site on a cellphone. We only do mobile app development for the applications we have developed as part of an information consumption strategy for mobile phones. Simple transaction services can also be offered as part of this mobile application.

Application development

We only specialise in the following custom software development work:

    • web software products;
    • mobile applications;
    • integrations with the web software we develop;
    • web software API development;
    • artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions;
    • data analytics and insights;
    • web reporting solutions;
    • business intelligence solutions.
We have developed the following type of applications to date:
    • Online transactional investment site within the financial services industry
    • Automotive legislation system
    • Online tender system (our own)
    • Retail packaging system
    • Pharmacy ecommerce solution
    • Coupon system
    • Various Jira plugins: ITIL service desk, quotes, SLA management (our own products)

Technologies we specialise in

Our team specialises in all open source technologies.

Some include:

    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • Java
    • Rails
    • Ruby
    • Various JavaScript libraries
    • JQuery
    • HTML 5
    • CSS 3
    • AngularJS
    • Node.js
    • Ionic framework for mobile apps
    • Android mobile app development
    • Pentaho
    • Various graphing tools and libraries

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