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Customer Experience Journey

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Customer experience is the experience a customer has with every interaction with your company and associated products and/or services.

There are different customer experience journeys and the first customer experience journey starts from the point the customer first discovers your products and services whether online on your website or social media platforms, in print media or through a referral from someone else.

Some aspects and journeys that impact customer experience that should be considered are:

    • your products and services; 
    • store representation; 
    • staff representation; 
    • your public website; 
    • all apps your customer uses;
    • social media platform activities; 
    • sales;
    • marketing; 
    • customer service and support: telephone calls, in-store interactions, email responses, service desk;
    • customer feedback.

Each of these aspects need to be considered and all possible customer experience journeys needs to be mapped out. Once each customer experience journey is mapped out your company’s own staff need to go through the experience themselves to see what your customers feel like while engaging with any of your customer focused processes. The experience could be shocking?

Here are some actions you can consider to take to assist you in increasing your customer experience:

    • Define the emotional experience you want to create for your customers and communicate this to everyone in your company.
    • Map out your end-to-end customer experience journeys and automate as much of this as possible to enhance the experience of your customers.
    • Link all data in your organisation to your customer to extract critical insights. 
    • Define and implement an automated customer communication strategy.
    • Consider frequent customer communications during your support processes. Informed customers are happy customers
    • Make your support processes visible and clear, so customers know where to go and once they engage with you post sale, they always know what is going on as they are informed.


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