Definitions of common Jira & Agile terms

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Heard about sprints, kanban, story points and workflow, but have no clue what they mean? In this post, we breakdown some of the common agile terms used in Jira and Agile methodology.

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  • Sprint – A sprint is a 2 week work focus cycle that is used for all client projects at Client A.
  • Backlog – A backlog is a prioritized list of work / stories.
  • Story Points – Story points are based on the complexity, effort and risk. It ranges from zero to eight for a sprint cycle in Client A but can go up to thirteen.
  • Scrum Board – A scrum board is used in all Client A client facing projects. It consists of a To Do, In Progress and Done column.
  • Kanban Board – A kanban board is used for all production related work at Client A. For example client B support
  • Filters – Filters are used to search for specific issues required by the user and to create reports.
  • Label – A label allows you to categorize an issue. You can also use labels to search for an issue if it has a Label.
  • Components – Components are used in order to differentiate between the domains / teams in Client A.
  • Workflow – Worflow is used to move a story / sub-task between columns on a scrum and kanban board.
  • Basic Filter – The basic filter is only there to include one project’s information if you want to use the component field.
  • Story – User story containing all requirements for a request.
  • Action Log – A list of actions that came out of a meeting.
  • Bug – A problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product.
  • Client Change Request – Change requested from the client on a requirement.
  • Decision Log – Decision list that came out of a meeting.
  • Epic – A big user story (requirement) that needs to be broken down.
  • Internal Change Request – Change that has been requested internally on a requirement.
  • Risk Log – A list of risks identified during a project or sprint cycle.
  • Technical task (sub-task) – The broken down tasks (actions) of a story.

Are there other agile terms you would like defined?


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