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I have heard a lot about agile over the past few years but never really understood it as that stage; it was not a part of my life. A few months ago I came face to face with agile and started to dig deeper into this new methodology that is changing the world by discover agile.

After a lot of learning and discovering, I came to a few conclusions – Agile is common sense. When we think back to our days at school, playing team sports, it was always a team effort to win that game. Somewhere in the corporate world we forgot all about team work and moved to the selfish view of how fast one can climb the corporate ladder.

Discover Agile in business

I have discovered that with agile, a happier environment is created by promoting working together as a team. We all need our support structures and as social creatures it is natural to want to feel part of a community, to want to build something together.  With agile, the responsibility for success is given back to the teams on the ground and is no longer just a management paradigm.  There is also no longer a divide between management and staff. They work together as a team to make their company successful. 

An agile path

There is still a lot to learn and discover about agile. Agile is adapting and changing to accommodate the reality of running a modern-day company. If we remember the basics of agile and live by it, we easily fall in love with our work again.  And that is the kind of people that you want at your company.  The ones that want to make a difference and want to succeed.


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