Enhanced customer service with communication via SMS, WhatsApp, online chat tools

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Using communication channels that your customers use daily are convenient has a big impact in improving customer service. 

Not all communication channels are suitable for every business, it all depends on the type and size of the business, it’s customers demographic and other things. 


Ways in which an SMS can be used to improve customer service: 

  • Asking for customer satisfaction feedback, thought SMS polls
  • Allowing customers to talk with the business
  • Sending appointment reminders
  • Making personal information updates easy
  • Sharing promotional codes
  • Sending digital receipts
  • Securing password resets


With WhatsApp being used in 180 countries and having the widest coverage as a messaging App businesses can take advantage to in using it to communicate with their customers because it offers the following: 

  • Drive customer management – through it’s real-time conversations and rich communications functionalities.
  • Make conversations personal – personalisation on whatsapp business includes user attributes such as the customer’s name, user behavior (previous purchase orders for example) or location (country, city).
  • Ensure messaging security and privacy – It confirms customers are communicating with a verified business. The customer also approves the dialogue by opting-in before the communication with a specific business takes place. Customers can also be the first to initiate the contact and provide consent to interact.
  • Measure results and impact – It is a highly measurable chat app that monitors in real-time whether someone is responding to your messages or writing back and engaging in the conversation. Businesses can also receive status delivery and messages seen reports, helping to optimize future conversations even further.

Online Chat tools

There are various online chat tools available that as a business you add to your website. The tools allow people that visit your website to engage with your company, to ask questions, require assistance with navigating or want to find valuable information.

You can be able to respond to your customers questions in real-time, giving the customers the instant gratification they are looking for, reducing the frustration of having to wait long hours or days for a response like through other channels. 

WebFX published a blog on 9 Benefits of Live Chat That Businesses Can’t Ignore

  • You can satisfy up to 73% of consumers with live chat
  • 79% of consumers enjoy instant answers when shopping online
  • Increase conversion rates by an average of 20% with live chat
  • Live chat is 50% more cost-effective than phone calls
  • 90% of consumers feel more confident with live chat
  • Retain up to 63% of consumers using live chat software
  • 51% of consumers prefer live chat so they can multitask
  • 62% of mobile consumers expect websites to have live chat
  • 82% of customers would use live chat if available

With the above mentioned communication channels to improve customer service in your business, there’s a centralised communication platform that is integrated with all Atlassian™ Jira™ products: Service Desk, Core and Software to consider. 

The platform is extendable to other systems within your organisation via API’s.

So not only does this platform drive enhanced customer experience via Atlassian™ Jira™ products, but throughout your business across all systems and platforms.

The communication platform makes the following communication channels available:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Whatsapp for business
  • Push notifications
  • Voice 

You can request a call to understand more about how this platform can work for your business, get in touch with us here or email


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