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Facebook has a number of ways to create an online presence, namely through Facebook Pages, Profiles and Groups. Clients often assume that when creating a business profile on Facebook, an account is created in the same way that you would for an individual. This approach is incorrect for a number of reasons. Let’s distinguish between the different Facebook options.

Facebook Profile

A Facebook profile (where you sign up for Facebook and create an account) is intended for individuals, or in order words, actual people. Businesses who set up a profile in order to promote their business are actually in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service and Facebook can block or remove that profile.  Facebook profiles allow you to add friends, send inbox messages and join groups amongst other things.

Facebook Profile sign up

Facebook Groups

Groups are aimed at people who want to have a discussion. They are perfect for forums, interest groups and training etc. Businesses typically only create groups if they want to encourage a discussion around a topic, such as a focus group, or to build an online community etc. Groups can be open, closed or secret, depending on the required level of privacy, and groups allow private messaging to members.

Facebook Group

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are ultimately created for use by businesses to promote their brands. They are also popular for use by celebrities, or any non-human entity for that matter, and are the best option for a business presence on Facebook. The major appeal of Facebook pages are that they allow businesses to communicate publicly and present a professional image on Facebook. When posting or commenting on the page, it is presented as the brand that is taking the action, and not an individual person. Pages are liked by friends and fans, and can be promoted through inviting friends of the admin, or through Facebook ads.

Facebook Pages

Thus, if you are a business looking at entering the social media arena and want to get started on Facebook, the Pages option is the ideal solution to allow you to interact with your clientele.


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