Agile Adoption

This case study aims to highlight the exceedingly evident benefits and monetary savings to be gained from adopting agile in any organisation, as well as exposing the inefficiencies that plague most organisations and thus bog IT delivery down. This project is a shining example of how organisations can be transformed when committed to the agile process, and the massive advantages to be gained from doing so.

Scrum Master Coaching

This project is a testimonial of how having an agile consultant onsite to help grow your Scrum Masters can make a big difference on how agile survives in an organisation.
We have skilled up and grown this Scrum Master successfully on this project through our Scrum Master Coaching and have been applying the learnings on all projects going forward.

Increasing technology delivery. Migrating legacy technology PDF

The customer offers financial fund administration services using a combination of custom built in-house technology solutions as well as staff to investment managers, asset managers and financial advisors within Southern Africa and Europe.