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Comfort zone

How easy isn’t it in life to get comfortable at work, in your life and career?  We are creatures of habit that prefers the familiar. Even as babies we are kept in a strict routine to sleep and eat better. 

We get stuck in the usual and forget to innovate and shut our minds to thinking out of the box. That’s the way we have been doing it for years now. Why change something that isn’t broken, right?


The most remembered people in our history were all people that believed that a simple idea can become something extraordinary. 

We are here to make a difference.

We are here to create a safe, fun and productive environment to work in. To make people excited about going to work again. We all spend +/- 8 hours a day at the workplace.  Imagine if instead of counting the hours, people are actually surprised when the day is over.

My wish for the agile community in 2014 will be that we will continue to grow in agile and explore and innovate inside of Agile.  That we will not get trapped in our routines of everyday agile and forget about why we are doing it in the first place.


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