Important areas of focus for improved customer service delivery

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Research has shown that improvements in customer service increases customer experience and perception of your customer service delivery has the following outcome:

  • Repurchasing of products and services
  • Recommendations to new customers by existing customers
  • Try out new products and services
  • Increase in company revenue:

Small increases in customer service delivery can have a MASSIVE impact on company revenue: An average revenue increase of $823 million over three years for a company with $1 billion in annual turnover. That is an increase of 82%, almost doubling income over 3 years.

I mean, who does not want more revenue?

You can consider the following to achieve improvements in customer experience and customer service by your customers:

  • Implement a proper helpdesk system. This assists to increase professional customer service delivery through regular updates.
  • Automate client communications via SMS, whatsapp and email within your systems and business processes. Informed customers are happy customers.
    • Engaging with customers in a friendly manner defuses a situation any upset customer.
    • Reacting to an upset customer is unprofessional and upset manner will just make matters worse and it will reflect badly on your.Train staff to engage with customers in a happy and friendly manner:
  • Train staff on your products and services. If your staff are not knowledgeable about your products and services it creates a negative customer experience and perception on customer service delivery.

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