Jira – as a technology delivery management tool

Jira works well with technology projects of a larger scale and where lots of clients needs to be supported with different requirements and different release roadmaps. Each client’s requirements can be managed as a separate project and yet there is the possibility to have a global view of what is going on across all your teams.

On many technology projects we implement an agile tool Jira with the Greenhopper plugin.

Jira can be used for managing both:

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  • Projects: Software development lifecycle and delivery
  • Support: Software production support, infrastructure support, client services support and many more
[/list_icon] When implementing Jira we offer the following services:
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  • The installation of Jira
  • Configuration of Jira
  • Customisation of Jira
  • Training of your team in using Jira
  • Maintenance of your Jira instance at a low monthly cost

Infoware Studios is a registered Jira expert with Atlassian