Services for support and maintenance are available from Infoware Studios under our Support and Maintenance Agreements, which are revised from time to time to reflect changes in customer requirements. Different levels of support are available to choose from depending on the Atlassian products, customer’s needs and budget. These options set the client up for success by matching their requirements to the correct service levels.

Support plays a key role in effectively managing an organisation’s operations and ultimately it’s agility and responsiveness. At Infoware Studios, we have a full time support manager that assists the team with all support related issues and our skilled support team is always ready and happy to assist.


Why use our outsourced support and maintenance offering?

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  • Full-time team dedicated to looking after support issues
  • Dedicated support manager responsible for overseeing all support calls
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) tools to ensure support calls are resolved within stipulated times
  • SLA’s in place to ensure high levels of service delivery
  • Monthly/weekly reports on all support calls logged, their SLA status as well as interactions on the call
  • Constant feedback and communication on the progress of calls logged

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Our outsourced support and maintenance tools

Infoware Studios uses the following as part of our support offering:


Jira is the primary tool used in offering high service levels in support. Our clients log support calls by emailing our support email address. A ticket is then created within Jira and an email notification with the ticket number is sent to the user that logged the call as well as the project lead from our support team, ensuring support calls are picked up as soon as possible.

Outsourced support - Jira

The ticket will appear on our support board and one of our dedicated support team members will assign the ticket to themselves and start resolving your query. Email notifications are sent to the person who logged the ticket as comments or updates are made, ensuring that clients are constantly kept up-to-date. In addition, a member from our friendly support team will be in contact with the user directly to give feedback or gather more information on the support issue.

Outsourced support - Jira Board


SLA Plugin

In addition to Jira, we also make use of our own SLAware Plugin for Jira. This plugin allows us to make sure we deliver on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreed between Infoware Studios and the Client, which stipulates agreed upon times in which categorized support calls need to be resolved within. These categories include Blocker, Critical, Major, Minor and Change request, and range between 4 hours to 3 days in which to be resolved in, dependent on the relevant category.

The SLAware plugin for Jira sends notifications to our support team whereby we can monitor the support issue to make sure we deliver on time. We also send monthly reports out to our clients regarding the support we have done and in the report all SLA statuses will be visible for you to view.

SLA report

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