Since we are registered Atlassian experts we can provide licensing options more cost effectively. We are able to save you money if you decide to run your Jira licensing through us.

You will also receive 1 invoice for purchasing of all your Jira licenses once a year, even though the licenses might expire at different times.

The benefits you get from us handling your Jira Licensing Management include:

    • Account management – saving you the effort and headaches
    • One invoice for Jira Licensing, despite different expiry times
    • We ensure your server is up and running
    • We ensure compliance on your Jira instance
    • We manage and assist you with all Jira licensing queries with Atlassian

Are you an international company needing help with your Jira Licensing?

Let us take over the pain of administration for you in managing your Jira Licenses. As Atlassian Experts, we’ll handle all licensing queries with Atlassian for you, making it that much easier to go about your business and creating cost efficiency for you.

Or are you a South African company?

Over and above the benefits of letting us handle your Jira Licensing, for South African companies, we’ll be able to save you money and manage the exchange control (forex) for you through handling the administration, red tape and reserve bank approvals, saving you the headaches.

So how do you move forward on this?

Contact our team when you need to upgrade or renew your Jira licenses. We will handle the quote, foreign exchange and license renewal / upgrade for you from this point forward.

Please provide us with the following information on contact:

    • SEN number of each license of Atlassian and Atlassian plugins
    • Organisation these licenses are registered to
    • Email account that originally purchased the licenses. This is also the email address that links to your Atlassian account.

Sound like a solution you’re after? Get in touch with us and let us simplify your life

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