Jira Quote plugin for Jira

Quote plugin for Jira

Divisions often exist in silos in a business, particularly the finance division, hence the need for the Jira quote plugin. So what could happen is that the people who do the quote and the people who do the work are completely separated, thus making it difficult to track delivery as it happens automatically against cost provided within these quotes. In addition, users often don’t have access to finance systems and then default to creating quotes using Excel in order to overcome having a dependency on finance to do quotes which they do not understand anyway due to no project context. Excel has certain limitations in terms of automated tracking as people complete work. And so the Quoteware Jira Quote Plugin was developed using agile principles to meet this need in businesses.

Quote repository

The Quoteware Jira quote plugin allows one to manage a quote repository in Jira, easily accessible to all people in your organisation, but allowing enough flexibility to restrict a specific access.

The Jira quote plugin has permission control properties as it allows multiple quote projects in Jira, so restrictions can be placed per division if needed.

Track delivery and create financial visibility with Jira Quote Plugin

Quoteware allows one to easily manage and track delivery against new business quotes, resulting in financial visibility. So teams working in Jira are able to create quotations within Jira and link the stories created within that project to the quote, thus tracking work completed against what was quoted for. The Jira quote plugin also allows users such as managers to review the quote and thus also follow an approval process. Quoteware enables the finance team to see what work has been completed on a quote in order to start sending out invoices, thus creating visibility for the whole team.

Quote process

Issues that are created in Jira can then be moved through the quote approval process, which runs as:

Jira Quote Plugin for Jira

Sound like the solution you’re after?

quote plugin for jira

Download our Quoteware Plugin on the Atlassian Marketplace by clicking here or follow the below link


Find out more information about how the quote plugin for Jira works and how to configure it in the documentation on this link:


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